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Success Stories

Meet Henry Moran, 56, married, with two children. Born and raised in
Guatemala, living in the USA since 1990 (currently in San Jose, Ca).

As the visionary I am, I had contact with a representative of the American Labor Alliance in late December 2016. From the first minute I saw the presentation, I realized the importance this organization was to change was not only the financial status of any companies in small scale that have been abandoned by the rigorous system of the Worker’s Compensation, but the mental and financial state of the worker ho ignores not only his rights but also his obligations and the assets that he can enjoy if he is interested in participating in a labor association. More importantly, to see that all these benefits and commitments are made in a neutral way, in which these benefits and commitments involve cooperation between employee and employer.With the relation of the LIBU web site, I understood the importance of having a direct means of communication between our task as associate members and the control of our business without resorting to telephone calls or emails demanding answers that can simply be resolved within a click of a computer mouse. I believe our own Federal Workforce Cooperative will fill a void that is costing a lot of money to the savvy or general merchant who has to be paying monthly fees for services that should be free.