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PayrollPlus, a member service of American Labor Alliance, is based on the belief that our Member-Clients’ needs are of the utmost importance. The customer comes first and our pricing reflects that as well. We prepare single to multiple payrolls for companies including quarterly reports, production reports, tax deposits and benefits, W-2s, 1099s, and K-1s. The PLUS of your benefit is in our handling of Human Resource Management, Tax Preparation for all types of business organizations such as Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations, Small business; Forms & Permits for licenses, contractors, farms, ranches; Compliance issues and execution: IRS, OSHA, Workers Compensation, Health insurance (ObamaCare) and Retirement Plans.

- Competitively priced against all major payroll providers
- Our PayrollPlus specialists help make setup easy and efficient from details provided by you
- Accurate and compliant with all state and federal regulations.
- A payroll system that is geared to suit the needs of your business
- Payslips issued weekly, bi-weekly, or calendar monthly on the day of your choice
- Payroll reports and payslips are approved in advance of finalization
- Our team of payroll processors can personally deal with your salary queries if/when they arise
- We are available to take on your payroll at any time of the year
- We retain, on your behalf, copies of all payslips and payroll summaries
- We keep computer files securely stored indefinitely
- We are committed to continually upgrading our software and systems to ensure all possible data is filed electronically

Available training

Bookkeeping Payroll Includes A/P, A/R, profit and loss, monthly reports, quarterly reports, etc. Simple single employee payroll to multiple crew payroll for variety of tasks and reports, quarterly reports, tax deposits, employee handbooks, compliance handbooks, etc..
HRHow to interview, review applications, check references, documents, basic entry level test, insurance information and updates, layoffs, unemployment, disability, etc.
Taxes Basic intake, required documentation and licensing, 1040 returns, business, corporate, partnerships, ranches, rentals, etc.
Forms/Permits Properly filling out forms, applications, licenses, reports, DMV, unemployment, trucking licenses, contractors, business startup, renewals, etc.
ComplianceCompliance programs for all areas of business, includes Cal-Osha, EDD, IRS, State Board of Equalization, Workman's Comp, Health Insurance, Retirement Plans, etc.
PayrollPlus will provide payroll processing and paycheck production services for the undersigned business/employer, including
- Electronic direct deposit or paper paychecks for each employee
- Calculated withholding and electronic payment of all due state and federal taxes
- Submission of all due state and federal quarterly and year-end payroll tax forms
- Calculation of any due externally-paid fringe benefits or garnishments
- Availability of multiple pay types and rates (salaried, hourly, piece rate, commission, bonus, etc.)
- Deduction tracking for fringe benefits and voluntary contributions (Cafeteria plan, Medical Plan, Retirement Plan, etc.)
- Paid Time Off (PTO) tracking and accrued balances
- Workers’ Comp employee category tracking
- Online pay stubs for employees
- Detailed payroll reports
The cost of this service will be
- One-time setup fee of $39
- Fee Pay Per Ctcle: $4.99
- Per Check Fee. $1.50
- Direct Deposit: .95 per deposit per Pay Cycle
- $2.00 for each W-2
- $149.00 1040 Income Tax Return (optional)
- $350.00 1120 Income Tax Return (optional)
- There’s no contract – just pay as you go, month-to-month. You can cancel at any time without penalty.
The prices listed for payroll services require participation in the Paid Sick Leave benefit which is administered by the Sick Paid Leave Benefit.


--The following information is needed for EACH employee
Employee start date of employment
*Workers’ Comp classification & rate:
Pay rate and basis ($ per hour/year/week/etc).
W-4 Form
Direct Deposit authorization form
--Additional items needed within two (2) weeks of start of service
Copies of most recent IRS From 941 and FUTA filings
Copies of most recent EDD DE-9 filings
YTD earnings, taxes and deductions from beginning of calendar year to most recent previous payroll date for EACH EMPLOYEE.
Any cafeteria plan service elections and amounts for EACH EMPLOYEE
*One simple call to your current Workers’ Comp carrier or agent will suffice to obtain the employee's classification and rate. You may also request the Ex Mod worksheet at the WCIRB (Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau). By law in most states, the current issuer must provide you with that information in writing via mail, email or fax promptly.
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As a non-profit corporation, American Labor Alliance DOES NOT SELL INSURANCE products.
As a non-profit corporation we promote benefits to our Member-Clients. These benefits are strictly regulated by the federal government’s Department of Labor (DOL) under the confines of its Employee Retirement Security Act's (ERISA) Section 3(40)(A)(i) as an Entity Claiming Exception (ECE) from certain MEWA requirements. Our benefit plans ultimately assist employees and their families, and are covered by ERISA’s provisions.
American Labor Alliance derives its authority to promote such benefits and services from the US Department of Labor (DOL) which has created a federally chartered union file designation under the name American Labor Alliance. In order to comply with such standards for participation, vesting, benefit accrual and funding, American Labor Alliance conducts itself under strict financial and regulatory strictures. We are covered under our Errors and Omissions and liability insurance, Fireman’s Fund and under the ERISA bond umbrella, as well as its backing of existing and growing assets: funds, investments, real estate holdings, businesses, and affiliated relationships.
Member-Clients may purchase under one Association of Employers within the regulated confines described above, such benefits and services as: Workers' Compensation benefits (CompOneUSA), Health Care benefits (Avanto), Dental benefits (DentalMed), Paid Sick Leave benefits, Retirement Plans and others.
What all this means to you is an opportunity to carry the legal and necessary coverage you and your employees need, with benefits that are more robust and encompassing than the standard market-place products, but at prices below the standard industry market price. No Obligation: Applicant is under no obligation to enter into contract with American Labor Alliance for simply requesting a quote.
Member-Associates promoting CompOneUSA are also Member-Clients of American Labor Alliance.